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Quote: Originally Posted by Collec View Post
With 7 strongholds now, you need to give us some option to purchase/copy decos we already got.
It is by no means *necessary*. This sounds more like "I want you to give us ...". If you mean that, say that.

There are essentially these classes of decoration source:
* In-game for-credits vendors. (Subtype: just credits. Subtype: requires some rep level or other.)
* In-game for-tokens vendors. The tokens remain available in-game. (Example: the BBA vendor that sells carbonite doodads for completed contracts. Example: the Prefab droids.(1))
* In-game for-tokens vendors where the tokens are no longer easily obtained, like Cartel Market Certificates.
* Drops from defeated enemies, bosses, and so on. Some of these enemies don't seem to drop decos any more.
* Cartel-Market direct purchases.
* Cartel-market packs.

Clearly the existing for-credits vendors aren't what you're talking about, and neither are the vendors who sell for event tokens (or, at least, not for events that still happen), and (probably) not direct CM purchases. I can't imagine why you'd feel it necessary to ask for this for the prefab droids either.

That leaves CM packs, CMCs (and similar), and defeated enemies.

There's no real technological reason why these couldn't be done. I think it would be reasonable(2) to impose a restriction that you can't buy them if you don't already have at least one from the "original" source. The hard part, though, is establishing a price. For an item previously available from a CM pack, you can make a case that the price should be in CCs, and it isn't monstrously hard to choose a reasonable figure(3), but how do you set the price of a one-in-73.6 drop from Gormak soldiers on Voss?

(1) The prefabs themselves are crafted, and the schematics are available from the trainers.

(2) "Reasonable" and "fair" are different things. I really mean "reasonable" here. I am not going to be drawn into a discussion of whether this is a "fair" restriction, thanks.

(3) I'd be tempted to start at the price of the individual pack type it came from, and then debate from there. You'd need some sort of weighting for things considered "cool" (high demand) versus "ugly-as-[REDACTED]" (low demand at best).
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