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09.15.2017 , 03:37 AM | #1
It's time BW... it's time to update old vendors. With 7 strongholds now, you need to give us some option to purchase/copy decos we already got. One easy option is that you do,what guilds copy of decos for credits and make them BoP or BoL...same thing.
But if that is too much for you (and if it is,just shut down this game now) update old vendors in daily zones and across galaxy with old decos, where people need to be LEGEND level to get them for reputauion points/credits/etc.

You want people to do Depths of Manaan fp more? Throw Manaan/Selkath decos on that vendor on Manaan.
You want people to do more daily zones outside of your "bug" with CXP...throw old decos on those vendors.

GIVE US OPTION TO BUY THOSE DECOS WE ALREADY HAVE !!! Either with Cartel Coins,creditds,reputatuion points,certifikates,etc. And of course I mean just for ourselves,not to be able to sell on GTN. So you make it BoP or BoL it really doesn't matter.