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09.15.2017 , 03:11 AM | #21
Well i can partially agree with people in the thread that it is in some way skill that is the issue, sure, but concider that a level 50 player has only reached about halvway through the skilltree/talenttree and are missing alot of key element, like active and passive skills, to perform an optimal dps rotation, there is no freaking way that a level 50 can perform on par with a level 70 top tier geared player, doesn't mather how skilled he or her is or if he or her has bolstering. If a level 50 could perform as a level 70 toptier geared player, gearing and leveling is essentially useless in terms of pve content and gearing.

In a flashpoint like korriban incursion, where the damagerequirement is important to be able to down the second droidboss before it starts to spew out rockets on everyone, these missing talent and skills on a level 50 dps is going (in a majority of the cases) to cause a wipe, i have seen it many, many times.

I can take a step back on my argument that mastermode flashpoints needs a item level requirement, but the fact remains that when i join a group for korriban, blood hunt, or any other enrageoriented-need to have good damage output-flashpoints, when a below level 70 dps is the group, there is not enough dps to complete it.

The problem might be skill-related, the problem might be gear-related, the problem might be missing talent, probably it's a combination of all of them and it's my belief that something needs to be done to fix this issue.