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NO surprise NO story NO info NO boss ...but you sure want us spending money on the CM and the cantina and keep a bug around because the producer likes is as a player we need content story something to keep the interest NO wonder WOW keeps players they just came out with there 3rd story since the expan they released .this sucks because i love this game but losing interest fast ..
Wait I hope you aren't complaining about the CXP bug with the dailies? That truly is one of the best things that ever happened to SWTOR. I am actually happy that the bug will remain around until patch 5.5 which is roughly being scheduled for 10th of October.

Also, as to the story, we have waited for story much and much longer in the past why are we suddenly now all complaining that we don't get story weekly? Remember the gaps between Oricon and Forged Alliances? Or Forged Alliances and Shadow of Revan? The Rise of the Emperor anf Knights of the Fallen Empire? How come back then we were able to patiently wait for story and seemingly people now have turned into impatient children (if you'll forgive me the comparison)? The story will come, one way or another. We don't need to get story content daily or weekly. We need to give the developers time to invest in other aspects of the game as well, not only story.

Let's all collectively get off the complain train and show a bit of patience and goodwill towards Bioware and the game, hmm?
ATTENTION: Include the Twi'lek into the 3 new eye colours from Appearance Options: Expanded Selections in the next patch. It was a huge mistake to not do this from the start as they are being grossly neglected as a playable species.
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