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Here's the thing - people will be overly matched and run a gunship wall in a kill match. These people expect that you are to try in vain to deal with said gunship wall. The easiest way to reduce griefing is to give both sides a reasonable chance of winning - but as most of us are selfish and inconsiderate of our fellow lesser skilled pilots, you're unlikely to see those close matches.

For example, yesterday evening, one match was won by a single point. There was no special organizing and simply random players thrown together. After a group of four pilots chose to fly on the same side it became extremely one-sided after that. I can tell you that close match was more enjoyable to all its players vs the lop-sided matches which only really catered to the winners.

Either way, you can't truly prevent a player from throwing a match if they really want to. But if you encourage competitively gameplay instead of mindless domination you're a lot more likely to avoid it.
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