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I'm curious to get outside opinion. Most people don't leave comments so I don't get much feedback in terms of what works and what doesn't.

Which one did you think was put together the best out of the start planets?
Did you notice a gradual improvement or did they seem about the same?
Did the custom cutscenes I made in the last episode feel right?
I did like the Korriban videos, like when your warrior killed the beast and you created the visual energy wave that is mentioned by the Overseer later. I'd say the quality between the oldest and newest video is small, but still present improvement.

I did like some of the custom cutscenes you put in your latest batch. Very creative in design. There was good blending. However, some of the scene transitions felt out of place, like the transition of the smuggler going into the beast cargo hold, for example.

But I really like the ambition, not to mention time and energy, in creating these videos.
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