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Quote: Originally Posted by rantboi View Post
mine failed in ravagers after getting rid of Cora and the bird before moving to the next part. waited for all the probes to fall off and no one in group even moved while i was doing it and it still failed for no reason
Because it's broken.

Seriously, while the OP isn't wrong, it's all useless info atm. Sometimes it simply doesn't work since 5.0. Perfectly valid rezes fail for no reason at exactly 2 seconds into the cast.

There's only so much that pulls you into combat in an instanced area: Dealing damage, taking damage, healing others(including roaming mend, since the heal bouncing off of you counts as you healing someone), adds spawning. That's it. Nothing to do with guard or buffs or anything else. Especially since these kind of things could be seen in a log. They aren't. In the instances where this happens, there's not even a "entering combat" logged anywhere.

Edit: To quote KBN on this, who probably has more understanding on the game mechanics than most other players combined:
Quote: Originally Posted by KeyboardNinja View Post
Things to keep in mind while stealth rezing:
  • Healing someone (e.g. with a latent HoT) will pull you back into combat
  • Dealing damage (e.g. with a latent DoT) will pull you back into combat
  • Someone else healing you will NOT pull you back into combat
  • Someone using a "bouncy" heal (Wandering Mend is the worst here, but Successive Treatment can also qualify sometimes) that hits you will pull you into combat
  • Someone using Force Armor on you will generally pull you into combat
  • If you're a shadow, someone else stepping into your Phase Walk will pull you into combat
  • If your guard target takes damage or deals damage, you will be pulled back into combat
  • AoEs will pull you into combat (duh)
  • Bizarre, invisible, debuff-changing effects (like Walkabout) will often pull you into combat
  • Applying raid buffs will generally pull you into combat, though not always
  • New NPCs entering the fight will pull you into combat (note that many mechanics that don't look like NPCs are actually counted as such invisibly by the game)
  • Dealing damage by reflect (basically, the Vanguard AoE taunt utility) will pull you back into combat
  • Sometimes, the mere application of the reflect by your friendly neighborhood vanguard will pull you back into combat
The only save way around this bug seems to be to not right click the corpse but targeting it and using the skill manually.