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Having dabbled with the initial unlock of the Umbara stronghold for a while, and looked at the additional rooms in videos, here are my thoughts:

Very nice idea, and I like it. Would make for an ideal place to lay low. I had a bunch of mine carts from HS and EC and doubled down and bought some more to fill the first car with cargo, primarly ore. Drop in a refugee camp and it feels like you stow away on that cargo train, but that isn't exactly what I had in mind for the stronghold.

Pushing Nar Shaddaa to Page 2 is a no-go for me, though, and I can't suffer this for a long time. So in the end, I have to decide whether to deactivate Dromund Kaas (also only initial unlock, theme is Darth Nox' office) or Umbara (intended theme: piratey Gunslinger's hideout)

Umbara again is a case of SLHS - Severe Lack of Hooks Syndrome:
  • The hooks on the sides are nice for the first car but already on the second car (that seems identical otherwise) there are some missing (for the sake of diversity? Less is more?).
  • Why are there no hooks in the middle of the cars? Even the Flashpoint, where you need room to fight, is stuffed tighter than that place we're supposed to live in.
  • The outside areas are dominated by centerpieces, but there aren't many centerpieces that fit the theme. It would be great if we could divide a centerpiece into the same variants as a large hook (i.e. 4x (large + 9 small) or 4x (Small+Narrow Cross), but that is a general problem of centerpiece hooks, not just here.
  • I don't know if the "you are leaving/entering a resting zone" message you get even when you just get close to the railing is intended, but to me it seems just sloppy and ruins the neat idea of having a speeder to travel from one end of the SH to the other.

Having to decide between Dromund Kaas, which is fully and nicely decorated in the initial area (and I frankly lack ideas on how to continue with the theme if I unlocked more of it.) and Umbara, where I have a lot of ideas that are foiled by a lack of hooks, I'm going to disable Umbara.

Should Umbara get revised, and at least the middle of the cars be filled with large hooks, I would give it another chance, but seeing that the number of unusable hooks** on Yavin was never addressed, I fear this will never happen.
(** for me and my OCD, because they are too high or too far away from the wall, so stuff there hovers in the air)

Should I ever get the ability to have more than 4 Strongholds without pushing Nar Shaddaa to page 2, Umbara will be the first stronghold I'm going to unlock again.
Tune down reflections to pre 5.5 values!
Move inventory tabs back to the bottom!
Remove the blue glow from useable stronghold objects and decorations!