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A question for more advanced crafters, do you craft static T4 main and off-hands and how well do you sell them?

I generally do not bother with static gear, but considering they require Conquest mats instead of OPs mats, there might be something here. I checked the prices and they were on pair with relics.

What are your thoughts on this?
I have four words for you "Make Credits Not Stuff." Credit goes to DarthTHC for that phrase and I use it in my money making guide (linked in my signature).

The point is that crafting something in the hopes it sells, is not a good practice. Just because you see static gear on the GTN at high value and profit, does not mean it sells. Back in 4.x I dabbled in crafted static blaster pistols. Yes, I crafted some and they always sold at good profit, BUT more often than not, it took weeks to sell one. I do not do that anymore.
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