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I was able to stealth rez a few times in Eyeless yesterday, finally (lol 22min fight in HM16). One attempt failed at the two second mark with no damage taken or heals received. One other attempt failed because a healer bubbled me mid-cast. Got 3-4 stealth rezzes off without issue, though.

I'm gonna need to do some more testing, though. Like I said, it did fail once with no apparent reason for the failure. I'd like to take more shots at it in a fight where no adds spawn and there are only two healers in the op - both in voice - so they can keep their bubbles off me when I'm doin' the thing : )
Yeah, the 2-second-thing is strange. We had several situations within the last days. Our other stealthers weren't able to finish a single revive. I were able to reproduce it, in a situation, when I did not had the time to remove the guard. And then it ends exactly at the 2-second-mark. Maybe, it's not just a guard between you and someone else, but any guard, that is actively given while the revive is in progress.

It maybe also have something to do with debuffs on a certain target, that are falling of, while the rez is casting. It's also possible, that a debuff, that gets triggered (e.g. a tank-debuff, that reduces the mr-damage-output, gets triggered by the target shooting with his blaster), is forcing you back into combat. I'll try to keep an eye on this in our next raids, by placing a debuff on an active target and then trying to stealth out and rez.
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