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Is that a fact? I ask, because on all my level 70 characters, I got an abundance of relics, ears and implants from command crates, but I am lacking armor/gear drops. I literally sighed "not a relic again" quite often and thus never even bothered looking into crafting those.
When you lack a chest piece and get one, it has the proper set-bonus for your discipline and is everything you ever wanted. For relics there are 4 different ones (5 for healers), and you don't want just *any* relic. Two of the same kind are useless, and you most likely want a proccing relic, not a useable one.

I don't seem to be getting more left-side items compared to other gear of the same rating, but even if the odds are rigged, and you get twice as many relics as, say, chests, there is still only half the chance for getting the Serendipitous Assault relic you actually want, than there is for getting the chestpiece you need.
Tune down reflections to pre 5.5 values!
Move inventory tabs back to the bottom!