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The name is a play on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

My videos take multiple class stories edited together in a way similar to a TV series like Clone Wars of Rebels. The prologue has served as my training wheels in terms of editing. Obviously the later episode will generally come out better than an earlier one.

Here is the latest episode, which is the Black Talon and Esseles flashpoints along with some custom made cutscenes for other 6 characters.

The starter planets are each self contained so it doesn't matter if you were to watch, for example, episodes 7 and 8 (Korriban) before 1 and 2 (Ord Mantell). And there are no major spoilers in the flashpoints (ep9) either. Although it will get more linear once it gets to Coruscant/Dromund Kaas as it will jump between various Republic and Empire classes similar to the flashpoints.
SWTOR gameplay edited like a television series