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09.10.2017 , 02:11 AM | #3
I agree on a possible story revolving around crumbling of Eternal Alliance. I mean it has to end sooner or later as Eternal Alliance doesn't show up in movie timeline. Previous Kotors (1 &2) used the "... and the hero mysteriously disappears..." card, and I am expecting one in swtor, too. However, given this is a MMO, I'm curious as to how and when. Also, if Outlander is soon to be phased out, how will the story explain them staying around for Ops and stuff, lol? :P

I do want my characters' class to be more recognized and have a few class-specific quest to call back on memorable moments from vanilla game. Like when Inquisitor had to investigate and make a choice about Thanaton's immortality bid on RIshi. That would be nice

But really, I am expecting a resolution to the Eternal Alliance giant arc in the best way possible.