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On the question of Disney and mature themes / gore / near-gore, well, there is historical precedent. I draw your attention to a few films:
* The Black Hole. One main character is killed by evisceration (without gore, but it's blatantly obvious what happens) about two inches off-screen.
* Tron. The original Tron film had a substantial level of mature (not sexual, just serious) thematics.
* Tron: Legacy. In this film, there's more of the mature thematics, and one "red-shirt" type character is shot through the head by a large-calibre virtual air-to-air round.
* Dragonslayer. OK, it was funded by rather than made by Disney, but their name appears on the packaging. Some complex political intrigue themes and a substantial number of deaths. One character is shown being burned alive by the dragon.

And let's not forget a 1943 Disney classic whose title speaks for itself. High-Altitude Precision Bombing.
Thank you for doing the work for me and pointing out those films. I knew there was some Questionable Disney films out there. And the Black Hole is one of my favorite films.....
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