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One thing that seems really jarring on screen is how little the Jedi seem to actually use the Force during combat.
In the games and novels, multi-tasking is portrayed as a lot easier, but in the movies and in Clone Wars (and probably Rebels, though I haven't seen that) the ability to fight with a lightsabre and use fancy Force tricks is greatly downplayed.

Some say that 90% of a fight between Force users is invisible - we can't see their 'defensive bubbles' that may or may not have been added to handwave the apparent lack of tactical sense we see among Jedi

But against the droids, why aren't the Jedi throwing them around like grains of sand?
I think a big part of it is their mentality at the time.
Peace has been the rule for generations, and given what Yoda says in ESB ( "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge, and defence. Never for attack" ) it could be that very few Jedi are even capable of thinking about the Force the way we, the audience, do.

We can say "Why not just do this?" or "Why not just throw that?" because it makes sense to us.
To a Jedi held back by fear of the Dark Side, by the whole 'knowledge and defence, never attack' mindset, by being completely separated from the real world by their upbringing? They're not flexible enough to even consider it.

Granted, there are some exceptions. Not just Anakin (though to be fair, even he acts like a moron at times).
The point remains that as Mace said in AotC "We're keepers of the peace, not soldiers".
Few, if any, Jedi of that time period have it in them to think like soldiers because war is not something they've had to deal with, certainly not on a scale like the Clone Wars. A thousand years of peace (give or take the odd "brush fire") have made them arrogant and complacent, and that is why they failed so miserably.

Hmm, pretty much just agreeing with the OP there, aren't I?