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09.09.2017 , 07:35 AM | #1
Though SWTOR is going to be more multiplayer (for now), I want to put down some ideas for the next part of the Outlander Series.
1. The Alliance crumbling: Though I don't think that Theron and his "Mysterious Order" *cough* *cough* Satele Shan... *cough* *cough*. I think the Alliance should be brought down sooner or later. By some story arc involving either a massive split in the ranks, or annihilation of Oddessen, or anything else, I think it would be good to do some new update based around this.
2. The Outlander bring Outcasted: I kind of want the Outlander to follow a storyline where s/he is no longer the Alliance Commander, but is now a wanderer. But after a cataclysmic event, the Outlander comes back. Though I think it wouldn't work for those who's alignment corresponds to the faction, I think this would be a good story to follow
3 (pointing at 2). I think the Outcast storyline should be optional for characters who are more layered in their personality, aren't obedient to their command/order, or just want some fun. I think for purer (dark+Light) characters there should be another story arc which are hunting for the same thing. Whether it be an artefact or obligatory doomsday device, it would be good for some conflict and battle.
4. Returning Companions: I think more companions should return. A great example would be Lord Scourge. He's certainly a powerful and good character and if you're a Sith Warrior, there could be conflict on who's the Wrath of the Empire.
5. Maybe we should have more class stories (mattering on which faction you fight for on Iokath). It would be a great way to show more individuality of each class.