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So the whole stronghold would be a mini city block. It will be in one of the less destroyed areas of Corellia.

There will be two tall buildings that are connected with a bridge, the interior of the buildings would be similar to CZ-198. You can access the rooftop of both buildings so it would make a cool landing pad.

And there will be a wide building which would be similar to the Legislature in the Republic storyline. Where there are long halls with indoor gardens and large rooms. The rooftop has a large hook where you can fit a starship.

The city block would feature a small park full of grass and trees. You can also take a turbolift underground to the selonian tunnels network. The tunnels have turbolifts that are connected to each building.

If the map is large enough. There would be a rocket tram that can take you to the different buildings. Although it would work like the regular elevators that teleport you to your destination.

Tell me what you think of this idea?
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