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Umbara has been out like 2 weeks? I would assume it was easier to implement on one new flashpoint, and try it out for a bit, than implement across the board and risk screwing things up. If they feel the gear requirement is successful, I'd expect a broader implementation to happen. Just not in 2 weeks.
The sensible way to do it would be to have a framework (or something similar), on which to hang the details. If they went through creating it from scratch and nothing (or little) is re-usable that's madness from a programming/design point of view.

If they have used a framework system it should be relatively easy to port the details from the existing flashpoint into it.

If they haven't, then maybe next time they should develop a framework system for future use ... it'd make creating/adding new group content much easier (and therefore quicker).

But this is BW .... who knows what thought processes are used.