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You illustrate my point completely. To beat the pug GS wall (I like your description there ), you need a well coordinated assault group. There is something wrong when that is the case.
I agree, to an extent. GS walls are a problem on specific maps, notably Lost Shipyards TDM. Gunships stack a little too well there because they have terrific line of sight. In my experience, these are the matches that most typically devolve into gunship chess. I do think gunships could use some sort of nerf so they don't stack so well.

But anywhere else, you have options. On Kuat Mesas TDM, smart flying can get you up a gunship's tailpipe without being exposed to railguns. On domination maps, teams largely comprised of gunships shouldn't be an issue. They can't hold nodes effectively, and certainly can't cap them sitting 15km away.

I took issue with this:
Quote: Originally Posted by Eztro View Post
If you get caught with your pants down in a GS, it should cost you. Right now, it doesn't. You just boost out, and pull your pursuer into the field of other GSs greedily waiting to pounce and watch them get vaporized while you find another spot to snipe from.
You can absolutely wreck a single GS with a scout (ideally, a Flashfire or Sting). With practice, you can win that matchup nearly every time. All you really have to do is get them to move; an unharassed GS is dangerous, but as soon as he's forced to deal with a scout, he's no longer a threat. The link I posted should help.

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