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Gear never is the problem since all FPs are bolstered.
The problem is, if you don't already know a lot bout the game and trinity gameplay, there is no feedback at all whether you are doing things right or not.
Tactical/veteran FPs are on one hand too easy as one or two capable player suffices to finish any boss alone and on the other hand they don't really teach any mechanics in a way that people really learn to deal with them, for the most part they are just ignored.
There is no feedback that maybe yourdamage, healing or tanking is lacking, like dying, being overwhelmed by trash or bosses. It just doesn't matter, Kolto stations rule and mindless AoE on everything just like in solo questing nowadays, threat everywhere, it works wonderful. Tanks or Healers are mostly unnecessary and in case of tanks even more a hindrance than an advantage and their role ignored even if they are there.
But how and where players are to learn to play it then, how the group dynamic in trinity groups works differently and what to do when mindless AoE doesn't suffice.

Instead of a gear requirement that is almost impossible to scale anyway with the HC FP (except of Umbara) being open to run from level 50 on, if the player knows what he does all HC FPs, including Bloodhunt are doable without problems, there should be some sort of proving ground before you are able to queue for any role.

Scenarios for all three roles, to test if players are able to deal with voids, adds, movement and stuff while still doing what their role needs to do. That may include a DPS or heal check to some degree as something to test how well the tank holds threat or knows when to to taunt or not, how to use his def CDs.
Because in the end the enemies have to die and the group/tank survive of course.
It would be the player alone with NPCs, not some potentially toxic idiots, learning what is important and how well prepared s/he is for the level of difficulty.

No one there, that can carry you along by doing way more than his share, just you and a sort of challenge like Eternal Championship for each role.
That would teach players what is important and to be expected in general and in case they are not ready yet, shows it to them before they are berated by others.
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