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By all means let's continue to find ways to further reduce the amount of players in the GF pool.

Gear is a crutch and requiring it of people says more about your own play than anything else.

Now what elitists with this attitude SHOULD be asking for is a GF that counts how many times in the last ten games did the dps stand in bad circles, how many times did a tank allow a cleave/conal/moveable-AOE to hit anyone else, and how many times a healer never touched their cleanse ability. Or how many times in general you've disconnected, afk'd for long periods of time without explanation, quit abruptly, or been kicked from a group. Or how many times the player strayed from the secret shortcuts or pulled a mob with a razor thin margin for skipping exactly like Bioware intended. Or how many times the player didn't skip the bonus, just as Bioware intended. Or didn't smash their spacebar in a thousand pieces every moment the screen goes into cinematic mode. Or how many times the player didn't chastise and ostracize other players' abilities solely on gear and/level, the two things that matter the least in clearing bolstered content.

All things that contribute more to bad groups then the assumed baddie who is on his 29th alt but pulls threat from higher leveled and better geared gods of SWTOR and somehow, against all odds, might know a thing or two about the flashpoint they've completed dozens of times on multiple classes. Holy mother of the force, if that jack*** comes into my flashpoint with an average 230 item rating or he's not level 70, I will kick him immediately.
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