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09.07.2017 , 09:38 PM | #16
I would love to see more realism in this game. I recall towards the end of the Star Wars Academy MMO's Life. They implemented in, limbs being severed off of bodies, wasnt much blood if any. Do to the fact that a Light Saber cauterize the severed area. I would like to see that realism doesnt have to be bloody mess, when it comes to the light saber.

Now range weapons or Blunt or sharp melee weapons would cause a fair amount of blood shed.
Do we need actual Disembowelment? No... So as much as i love to leave my enemies Viscera behind on the ground or seeing a well Evisceration of a meatbag, as much as i love that stuff in single player games, we do not need that in this game. But a little blood splatter or pool and a occasional severed limb, would be I IGHT!. lol
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