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I'll just leave this here. Read it, learn it, love it.

I won't argue that a lot of matches devolve into GS chess, and I certainly understand finding this playstyle tiresome. You are certainly not alone in that. But the fact is, there are indeed effective counters to gunships - even multiple gunships. 1v1, good battlescouts will eat even the best GS pilots for lunch. That said, pulling off a win versus a GS wall requires at least some level of coordination. And that's where the average pug team falls flat. At a high level of play, 8 gunships aren't going to win a TDM versus a well-coordinated team.

tl;dr - read that guide, fly smart, make some friends, get a group. Profit.
You illustrate my point completely. To beat the pug GS wall (I like your description there ), you need a well coordinated assault group. There is something wrong when that is the case.
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