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09.07.2017 , 04:49 PM | #10
As others have said, it's mostly about skill rather than gear. If I'm a tank, I can make up for substandard heals. If I'm DPS, I can make up for a substandard DPS. If I'm a heals, I can make up for a substandard tank. But I cannot do it when we are missing one of those roles entirely.

Thus, I would very much like it if the devs locked roles in MM GF to spec rather than just advanced class. There's nothing worse than getting to Sav-Rak and finding out that your heals is not, in fact, a heals - they just forgot to uncheck the box in GF. And then they refuse to respec.

A lot of people since 4.0 (and the advent of koltos) don't seem to understand that yes, you do need a trinity to do MM FP's.
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