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so ur basicly telling people that the way it was done since the start of the game - right click on a dead body- doesnt work anymore?

because i have also asked in the past about this "feature" they recently (2 or 3 months ago i think) introduced -

in any case if the way u stated works, i will work on this new way - i used to stelth rez many times - but after the "right click feature" it was impossible. (after exactly 2 secs i got into combat again)

many thx for the tip!
I don't say, that it doesn't work via right-click. However, it happens to me more then one time, that my character started using basic attack (it is normally keybinded at right-ckick) instead of started rezzing.

In general, I often heard about the 2-second-problem mentioned in some posts, but it happens very rarely to me. On Tuesday, I rezzed a healer at C-Zero, DF NiM. Yesterday, I was able to rez a DPS at Hateful and another DPS at Raptus HM. I identified the Guard as a problem. As soon as I put it off, I only got interupted very very rarely.
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