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Hello all!

So, the first question is: What is a stealth rez? Every player has an ability, called "Revive" at their Skill-window under the category "general". This ability has no cooldown on healing-classes. On other classes, it has a roughly 16 minutes CD. I would suggest to put it onto one of your bars, somewhere near your Holostatue of Revan, your pyro-grenades or your priority transports. Usually, you don't need a keybind. Never use it with right-clicking at the dead bodie of your team member. With this ability, you can revive an allied player, as long, as you are out of combat. Yes, you can use it, while a boss-fight is going on. You just have to be out of combat.
so ur basicly telling people that the way it was done since the start of the game - right click on a dead body- doesnt work anymore?

because i have also asked in the past about this "feature" they recently (2 or 3 months ago i think) introduced -

in any case if the way u stated works, i will work on this new way - i used to stelth rez many times - but after the "right click feature" it was impossible. (after exactly 2 secs i got into combat again)

many thx for the tip!
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