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Thank you for the effort, I'm sure this will be very helpful.

Maybe a month ago, Olok: one dead healer near the elevator door below, shields up and no combat happening. I'm (assassin) already out of combat as it happens often there in between adds when stealthing out rotationally. I go for the rez (I'm miles away from everybody and nobody was doing anything anyway all waiting for the next adds to become killable) and I'm immediately pulled back into combat. I figure I messed up something. Next shield I make sure to check everything (no guard, which I sometimes forget about, no hots and most certainly no dots as I was playing deception) and try again. Again failure. I wish I had been recording because I can't figure out what I did wrong.
Did anyone buffs the group with its class-buffs? I didn't mentioned it in the thread, because I already had situations, where this did not pulled me back into combat, but sometimes it looks like it does so.
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