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Hello all!

many times in the last months I heard of experienced Scoundrel/Op-Healers and Assassines/Shadows, that were trying to do a stealth rez and got mysteriously pulled back into combat, so that their attempt to revive a dead member of their raid team failed. To help those, who want to help their group by doing such a revive, I'll try to formulate a guide for stealth-rezzing.

So, the first question is: What is a stealth rez? Every player has an ability, called "Revive" at their Skill-window under the category "general". This ability has no cooldown on healing-classes. On other classes, it has a roughly 16 minutes CD. I would suggest to put it onto one of your bars, somewhere near your Holostatue of Revan, your pyro-grenades or your priority transports. Usually, you don't need a keybind. Never use it with right-clicking at the dead bodie of your team member. With this ability, you can revive an allied player, as long, as you are out of combat. Yes, you can use it, while a boss-fight is going on. You just have to be out of combat.

But how do we get out of combat? There are two ways: 1. You can use your cloak-ability. Both, shadow and scoundrel have an ability, that puts them out of any threat-list and, more important, takes them out of combat. 2. You are dead and got rezzed by someone else. I know, usually the tomatoe-sentinels are jumping right back into the bad AoE's, after they got rezzed. However, after a rez, you are not in combat. You can easily start a normal revive on one of the other dead players.

Cloak has a very long CD, so you shouldn't just stealth out and hope for the best. Before you leave combat, you have to make yourself an overview about the situation and consider some things. I could write a huge novel about everything, but I think, an easy list can also do it's job.
  • Be aware of what happens next. Will the boss do some sort of unavoidable AoE? Will Adds spawn? Will someone receive a big amount of damage?
  • Inform the raid, about what you are doing. It doesn't help, when your raidleader is asking for a stealth-rez some seconds later and you have to answere "I just tried. It failed."
  • Consider, wether you need your cloaking ability within the next 75/105 seconds (before the cooldown would fall of, if you use it now). E.g. don't stealth rez, when you have to pick up the pyramid @Calphi/DP immediately after.
  • If you are a healer: Make sure, that the group is up, when you start rezzing. It doesn't help, when you rez one player, and, while doing that, two of the others are dying. Also, make sure, that your just-revived friend doesn't die due to some damage. Tell him, to accept the revive on your command. Otherwise, you will eventually see the tomatoe-sentinal mentioned before.
  • If you are a tank: Make sure, that someone else does your job, when you stealth out. The new "tank" should know everything, that is necessary, to tank the boss for the next ~15 seconds. Suggest him/her, to use cooldowns. DPS are very squishy, healers are even more. It doesn't help, when you and the one, you revived are the last ones alive, because the boss was raging around.
  • Think about what you do, when you reenter combat yourself. As a tank, you have to regain control over the fight. You have to know, what the boss is doing, even if you didn't tanked it for the last 15 seconds.
  • Be aware of your own situation. There are some mechanics, that would pull you back into the fight immediately, e.g. when you've picked up a crystal at Dread Council second/third phase.
  • When you are rezzing more then one person, inform them, to not enter combat, unless you are finished with reviving. Everytime, someone enters combat, everyone in your team, who is out of combat will be pulled back into it. So, your tomatoe-sentinel should wait, before he/she is leaping into his death again.
  • You should also consider, if the current moment is the best for stealth rezzing. Maybe there is a better situation later in the fight, when there is no need for a second healer, a second tank or a fourth DPS? However, don't wait too long, because sometimes, quick help is needed. DPS aren't good at tanking bosses, a single healer would sometimes run into problems, when he has to keep the group up for a longer period of time. Don't wait too long, but also don't act over-hastily.
Oh, and to top it up, you have to consider those things very fast. The window for a stealth rez is very small. A stealth rez is worth everytime, when the raid cannot beat the boss without the dead person. Better give it a try, instead of making an appointment with the enrage-timer. It is also worth trying, when it has no negative effect, when it doesn't work, but when you can possibly save the combat rez for later use (e.g. Draxus between phases, when just a subteroth is left).
So, now you are ready to cloak. Are you? No, there are some more things to consider, that would pull you back in combat: You have to avoid several interactions between you and something (a member of your team or an enemy) that is in combat.
  • As mentioned before, you have to be aware of what happens next. Any raid-wide-AoE would pull you back in combat. Also, any AoE's that can appear withing the area, where the dead person is, would stop your attempt to revive someone.
  • Any guard, that you give someone or that you receive will pull you back into combat.
  • Any of your Dots on the boss will pull you back into combat.
  • Any of your Hots on someone in your raid team will pull you back into combat.
  • Wandering Ment and Progressive Scan from your healers will put you back into combat.
  • Anyone else, that reenters combat, while you are out of combat, will pull you back into it.
  • Any other healing, that is put on you, won't pull you back into combat! So, don't shout "No healing!!!111oneeleven".

Everything, that you do good or bad to someone or something, that is in combat would pull you back into it. Also, everything bad, that is affecting your health bar, would pull you back into combat.
When you consider all these points, a stealth rez would go through. However, there is also some magic effect, that sometimes pulls you back into combat without any noticeable reason. This happens sometimes, but is often used due to missing knowledge of the things mentioned above. I would be glad about any information about other reasons, why stealth rezzes can fail.

All in all, I hope, this wall of text will help some raids to not slash-stuck, when hope is still alive. Nothing is lost, until every option is used. A stealth rez is possible in every boss fight, that is currently ingame.

So, have a succesful raid and happy stealth-rezzing!
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