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09.06.2017 , 05:40 PM | #84
Not many great and awesome people in groupfinder lately then?

Queued for HFPs with a guildmate tonight (me on my Commando healer, her on her dps Guardian. We got Kaon. We were terrified, and to make matters scarier, the other two (a dps Shadow and a tank Guardian who were in another guild) had never done any HFPs before.

They were nice guys, and seemed to really know their classes. Kept leaving me behind, but never so far behind that they got killed before I could catch up and heal
One particularly unlucky wipe in the room of death though - they got tossed into a second group and we got swamped... but that's Kaon for you

Killed the bonus boss on the 3rd attempt (though it was hard going). Final boss was pretty easy even if I had forgotten the waves of adds in Hard Mode

Not a textbook run by any means, but a good group, communicated well, worked out where we were lacking against the bonus boss and managed to fix it. So, yeah, I'm counting it