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09.06.2017 , 10:29 AM | #1
This is getting to be serious problem for me, quite a few times when i queue up for group finder master mode, i get teamed up with either a low item rating lvl 70 team or even worse; one or more players below level 70. In some cases this causes one (or more) player to leave the group straight away depending on what flashpoint it is, lets say its Korriban incursion, where the second boss has a really nasty soft-enrage and causes a ton of group wide damage if it's not killed within a certain time.

What i don't understand is how this is suppose to work when a low item rating player is doing this and because of either he's item rating or low level can't produce enough dps that is required? Bolstering does not seem to fix this problem at all. I cannot understand if's a problem with item rating or a problem that the player actually sucks and can't produce enough dps.

Now what bothers me even more is that Bioware seems to understand this concept in the new flashpoints "Crisis on umbara" where there is a item rating requirement to even enter the flashpoint on master mode.

Why don't we have a item rating requirement on master mode flashpoints?