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Is the learning curve too steep to get into?
No - but its not really that relevant. New players can be amazing pilots and still get turned to paste by the 6 gunships waiting to eat them for lunch. It’s less of a learning curve and more of a “the only people left are the masochists that suffered through getting a ship geared to make it survivable and now want to make you suffer like they did.” After about 5 matches I got really good at evading, but I was never able to kill anything. After 15 or so matches I figured out that “flying” was not part of GSF. After 30 more I had a pretty well geared gunship and was actually killing things. After 30 more, the shame of snipe camping overcame me and I swapped to bombers (I even had a short stint in an anti GS scout… but no one can survive a pair of GS’s covering themselves. Add a 3rd and there is no way you will even get close.) So if your new, don't waste time with anything else, get a GS and learn to use it.

Is ship balance preventing you from playing?
Yes - completely this. You have 2 options for ships in this game. Bombers or Gunships. Even on a fantastic scout you still can’t out maneuver the fleet of gunships that everyone seems to swap to. Also - gunship deployment makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. You can have a whole team of GS's facing a whole team of GS's for some of the most boring “who will catch who at less than 15k 1st ‘dogfighting’" ever imagined. Gunships are too mobile, too well armored and need 0 support. If you get caught with your pants down in a GS, it should cost you. Right now, it doesn't. You just boost out, and pull your pursuer into the field of other GSs greedily waiting to pounce and watch them get vaporized while you find another spot to snipe from. In almost every match I have played recently, we start off with a mix of ships, each side figures out that the “fun” ship they were going to play isn’t going to work and they swap to a GS or a bomber.

Bombers are a lot more fun to play (IMO - ymmv), but they shouldn’t be your only viable choice to stave off GS Armageddon every match.

Are you not playing because you feel GSF needs something new to bring you back in?
It would be great if there were fleet events, or invasion events where you were called to support.

You know what would be awesome? The ability to call in support bots or drones from your flagships – Like calling in scout support to swarm GS nests. Or giving strike fighters HARM missiles that can fire and forget on ships that are actively tracking them (like say… a gunship painting them -or anyone else- for a free-kill snipe. Force the GS driver (yes, driver… tanks don’t have pilots, sorry) to think before they sit back with their gun charged up ready to pounce on whoever comes into range). It seems I have an issue with gunships…

Microrant incoming – My biggest problem with the GS isn’t even that its ridiculously configured, it’s that I HATE driving one. I just can’t stand it. But for a long time, it’s all I would play because it was the fastest way to collect medals. So, I hate driving them and hate flying anything else when there is a fleet of them in the air. So yeah, just delete the gunship altogether and I’ll be happy =)

Companions - It would also be cool to be able to take your GS crew members as companions. I'd love the chance to get companions you can only earn by GSF achievement.

Matchmaking issues?
Considering it seems like only the same 20 or so people ever play, it seems like when they want a match, they get one. And if you are one of those guys, you already know who is new and who isn’t, so you know who to focus on from the word go – further punishing the new players. It would be fantastic if you didn’t see who you were fighting (how does it make sense to know the loadout and name of your enemy pre-match??)

The fact that GSF is character based and not Legacy?
A legacy hanger would be fantastic. I’ve kind of created this for myself already – setting up individual alts with their “favorite” ships. Sadly, most of them are now favoring bombers… or I don’t play them at all if I loaded out a scout or (le gasp) a strike fighter. It would be very cool to have a GSF stronghold where you can actually interface with and show off your “fleet”
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