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Also, be careful with this one, it might not be as profitable. People will tend to get armorings with set bonus, making you sell only for those who do not care about it (are there any?) and for those who use focus (37.5% of the classes).
One note: having seven piece set bonus does not do anything so having one 246 without set bonus in a piece other than a focus/generator would be better than a 7th set bonus armoring of lesser rating. So every DPS/Heal class/spec that has less than 246 armorings in all slots could use a 246 crafted armoring without ill-effect.

That said, I did a lookup on The Harbinger GTN this morning and there were no advanced versatile armoring 54 posted. Either there is higher demand than what you or I think it should be, or demand is so low that no one is bothering. And honestly, I think it is the latter. If my legacy is any indication, I have 246 versatile armorings coming out of my ears (that I cannot use because it would break up six piece set bonuses)

However, I did find many advanced resistive armoring 54 and the going rate is roughly 2,570,000. I took the time to research the current GTN value of all the parts used in producing rating 246 armorings...IF those resistive armorings are selling and versatile go for similar value, then rating 246 armorings - on the Harbinger - are quite profitable.
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