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Thanks, I did not get those recon data for some reason. I did kill the bosses & looted everything from them, & ended up with two. At least now I know what it takes & the fact that if you want the mobile command center, you would have to play it at least 10 times. Not worth the time & why would you ask people to do the same flashpoint over & over again?

My point is that they advertised that after playing the crisis on Umbara you could get mobile command center. They did not say you would have to replay it over & over to get it. It takes too long to do it once, & I do not have time to play it repeatedly nor do I want to.
"Mobile command center"? Do you mean the new stronghold? That's a clone of the train itself. You don't have to do it all at one sitting, you know.(1) It's ten runs to get the sixty tokens to unlock the access to the room, then you buy the stronghold from the guy in there.

(1) In fact, you can't, because there's a limit of fifty tokens a week.

As for the question of whether they advertised it fairly, well, I read between the lines and concluded that we'd have to run it multiple times to get the stronghold. (There's very little point in having a collectible token if you don't have to save up a bunch of them.)

There are things to criticise in their announcements about it, but that isn't really one of them. Try these on for size:
* No announcement that the ticket to the room where you buy the stronghold costs more tokens than you are allowed to earn in a week.
* No announcement that the limit of six active strongholds has not been raised, meaning that if you want the new stronghold, you must deactivate one you already have if you have them all.
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