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I'm reading for credits that slicing, treasure hunting, etc, gathering skills will help make you a lot of credits.
And since I level too fast, I'll never use the armor I make.
So what exactly is the reason to go Armormech? Or any crafting skill at that? I get biochem since those are buffs which I assume is like WoW and are wanted for raids.
I know there must be something but as I'm a newbie I have no clue. Didn't get much help on Discord or Reddit. I was simply told end game Armormech stuff sells for a high amount but no further explanation.
I have 1 toon for all crafts with 2 slicers and 2 cybertechs. Cybertechs make mods/enhancements/earpieces which make quite a lot of money. Armormech is for tech characters aka agent/smuggler trooper/hunter vs synthweaver for force users. Since gear is good for 6 levels now it's not that hard to keep up and will make leveling easier but then end game stuff is now in the GC crates for 230 and higher. Also, you can't do much of the high end crafted without the purple slicing item so slicers are a must. Plus they make good money slicing chests alone.