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I think all the classes have something good in them, but here's my personal preference:
Inquisitor>Warrior>Agent>Smuggler>Hunter>Knight>Tr ooper>Consular

The Inquisitor has a great 'rags to riches story'. Nothing like someone telling you you're nothing and won't amount to anything; and then proving them incredibly wrong. The drawback is the companions are not very unique or fun.

The Warrior had a good story, and better companions, though the middle is a little slow. *Both Sith classes have Sith final bosses, which I think could've been changed.

Agent has the benefit of the multiple endings many players love. Some companions are a little unlikeable, and it's more reminiscent of a spy movie than a Star Wars universe.

Smuggler has the best (humorous) dialogue, and I can easily remember all the companions of this class. But the middle act definitely slows things to a crawl and the final act isn't much better until Corellia.

Hunter has a great first act, and at least two good companions. It lacks a lot in the middle, and there are two companions who are recruited for no good reasons, with one that was a target (he should've been a rival hunter instead), and a dumb lug who just says he's joining and that's it.

The Knight has a classic Star Wars feel to it, so good for first time players. Also has potential for RPing with Dark choices, and some good companions, though one is not not very note worthy. A draw back is that Jedi classes could appear to be dull or preachy if you dedicate to the light path.

Trooper is a class I enjoy RPing without regards to Light and Dark choices. Some of the toughest decisions are in the Trooper's story. And at least three companions are cool, one not so cool, and one forgettable. The problem is a lack of action=consequence. After a scene, you don't really receive a callback of your choices in future.

Consular really picks up by the third chapter. Unfortunately, even that is based on personal preference. It is great in the ways of lore, but it is pretty dull and the companions are nothing really note worthy.

Anyways, those are my thoughts on the stories. Hope it helps.
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