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I wonder how will this latest change for isotopes impact the economy. They are in almost every high end schematics.
On the Harbinger, a few days before the change I looked at isotope pricing and they were running around 62k a piece. The day of the change they were already up to 85k each. Now this might just have been normal fluctuation.

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The opening poster is correct, I sell on Harbinger and I have been in a race to the bottom with at least one individual that I caught attempting to manipulate mat prices, then induce headfakes/prices surges - He'd push gear pricing lower and lower, then buy up all isotopes so that smaller sellers would be cost-inhibited to craft more as he then bought up all the gear and resold at 5X the price.

Attempting to manipulate GTN pricing/corning the market is NOT a sign of a currency seller, which is what the OP was concerned about. This has been happening since MMOs launched 25 years ago. Players on this forum have done as much many times over.

I played him by using his strategy to my advantage via a handful of alts selling mats high while buying low on my main seller, he was doing the same thing every night at around the same time, prime time, when buying surges.

And that is why it never works: someone catches on and breaks the cycle.

This went on for over a month, finally he whispered me, threatened he'd push prices so low I'll go broke, that he has "hundreds of billions in credits" at his disposal ( cap for subs, 4.3 bil?)

um...4.3 billion per characters. If the player has 40 characters that's 160 billion credits.

He also boasted that he resells the cheaper priced Harbinger gear on other servers, tried to convince me to sell to him direct.

At this point, I copy/pasted his name & filed a ticket, which as we all know, is farting in the wind.

Solution, stop allowing resellers, only the maker's legacy should be allowed to sell/resell gear crafted by alts within that legacy, - reality : nothing will be done.

so if I see a REALLY cheap something that I KNOW will sell for more, I cannot buy it and resell it? That's stupid.

Two days ago someone posted a couple of artifice crafted color crystals at values below what it costs to craft them in the first place. I bought them and resold them. This was not a case of mistakenly posting at default price, but it is possible that they missed a zero, but I cannot be held responsible for my competition not making sure of the price they post at. The original seller got what they posted it for, and I got two items to sell for less than what they would have cost me to craft myself.

And if someone wants to purchase what I post at what I consider to be reasonable and fair prices and attempt to sell them at an even higher price...more power to them. Chances are though that they will not sell those items for what they think they are worth, because I am just going to reproduce and repost new items at the reasonable and fair price.

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There are so many weird things going on on The Progenitor's market at the moment, I don't know what to make out of this anymore. Not just shady looking things, but also stupid things or things that just make no sense at all.

The worst, of course (but that is not the topic here) are the ridiculously high prices. Just yesterday I saw someone selling one low level purple gem for 400.000 credits. That is, one single gem. Why do people do this? Or why do people put supplements on the GTN for 2.000 credits when it costs 800 at the vendor?

What about those mats sellers who sell 20 times 1000 mats of the same kind at the same time? Can I assume these mats were botted? Or are people dropping off their jawa scrap? How much unused scrap is there in the game by now?

What about those dye sellers who sell 40 times the same dye at the same time for less than half of the current market price? Is this just an aggressive scheme by a new force in town trying to push away competitors? Or are these mats obtained illegally?

Honestly, I don't get it and I don't know what to make out of it. It unfortunately effects my motivation to craft (and play) though. This situation has started earlier this summer. I haven't noticed it before. And I play the GTN game for 5 years or so. There was always competition, but it used to be kind of predictable. I knew the usual peeps and their prefered GTN-style. But nowadays, I am just confused by what is going on. Is there a scheme, is it an exploit, is it just a rookie mistake... etc.
This kind of thing happens on the Harbinger as well.

Regarding dye modules....did you know that the average cost to craft even the highest grade dye modules is only around 16k...not accounting for crits? Point is that even if they sell at 20k they are still profiting. And that is when I get out of those markets and wait, because I know that those sellers will eventually drop out of the market and prices will return to "normal".

Regarding materials...depends on what grade and what material.

I produce 1500 blue slicing mats a week. I try to sell them in stacks of 100 five stacks at a time. So I post three to four times a week. But if I don't post for a week or two - i get forgetful of these things on occasion - I will easily have three or four thousand in my inventory. Only slightly less are grade 10 blue diplomacy materials. I am far more diligent about all grades of TH blue gemstones, but I could easily acquire a few thousand of one grade in short order.

Grades 8 and 9 gathering skill materials have been in VERY high demand for the past six weeks as we have had two "craft quest" weeks, and a third is rapidly approaching and a fourth not too long after that. Grades 8 and 9 materials are easily farmed. But there's also jawa scrap to consider as players have been hoarding it for the past year hoping they could be used for grade 10, which is less and less likely to happen. So they have all these jawa scrap tokens and decided to use them for profit...taking advantage of this period of high demand.

And while I work toward the next craft quest I have several characters that cannot contribute and so they run lots of slicing missions while I am not using those materials, and then low and behold I have several hundred purple mats just waiting for me.

My overall point is that there are perfectly reasonable and legitimate explanations for these types of events. But OTOH it could very well be currency sellers. The problem is that there is no way to know for certain and therefore there is little to nothing BW can do about it.
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