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08.30.2017 , 05:14 PM | #295
I'm the PVP officer of a sizeable guild on EH, I've run 'star fighter nights' as part of my quarterly game plan for the past 2 quarters to help step players who avoid star fighter into a better understanding of it. As a guild we get 30-40 people a night online, I manage to convince 5 or 6 to group up for star fighter.

The learning curve being too high? Newer players have a lot to learn, it's one of the things I appreciate about star fighter, it's extremely team based and has layers of understanding to it. I've played for year now, and even now I take a second look at a ship and consider tweaking a build. When I manage to coach a newer player into landing their first kill shot, which can take a couple of matches depending on the competition, I can usually hook them into being interested by the next night. There really isn't instant gratification with this, I'm not sure there should be. Better tutorials or a hands-on simulator might help, you queue into a warzone by yourself chasing npc training dummy targets just so you can get hands on experience flying and targeting. New players trying to learn how to move their ship against highly skilled pilots that populate the queues? I end up sounding like Stuart Smalley over discord, because they feel completely helpless.

Is ship balance preventing you from playing? I appreciate the diversity of ships and the way they compliment each other.

Are you not playing because you feel GSF needs something new to bring you back in? Tactics. The problem with the matches never really changing is that the tactics become incredibly stale, making the matches frustratingly boring. The infrequency of the queue can also be problematic. In unranked PVP, you have arena matches to expedite pops when the population queuing is low. If there were new GSF match types that capitalized on smaller teams in more confined spaces, I could see it drastically increasing pops outside of peak server hours. If we added new content, more compact content might work better than larger scaled content.

The fact that GSF is character based and not Legacy? I have 8 characters. All 8 characters are completely bought out of every (non-cartel) ship with the same exact components with only a few variants in the name of experimentation. I struggle to see a downside to this, since your star fighter hanger is pretty much separated from the rest of your character.