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Early 30's sounds about right. I know there was info on our companions ages. I believe Quinn is 37 when we meet him and apparently never ages. I find it interesting that they aged Satele though. Is she the only one they did that with?

I think the age of our character goes in line with the love interest too. Corso is pretty young, so is Ashara (I think she is 20), and Nadia is young, as well as Torian. Vette and Jaesa also are young. The only companions that look older to me was Andronikas and Ilresso. However, I think our main characters were supposed to be between 18 and 24 when chapter 1 starts. At least that is my opinion.
I think people would be upset if they changed toons. But a customisation options with some changed could work. But only for the canon faces I'd say, or it'll be a lot of work.
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