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When we look at star wars we usually see a very child-friendly galaxy. The fights are not nearly as violent as they could be, the injuries are not shown upclose and are almost always made by energy weapons that cauterize the wounds instantly. So all in all star wars is a very child-friendly franchise.

But what would happen to the fanbase if one or more filmmaker made another kind of star wars story like the ones described in the books or like the ones described in the backgrounds of the games.

A sith lord gets really angry so he blasts his enemy with a force wave so powerfull that it ripps his victims skin of his face and his limps from his body. Or another scenario when we actually gets to see force speed used combat like its is portrayed in the games or books where the jedi and sith are blurs of speed moving so fast that the grunt cant even react to them.

If this came into play on the big screen it would defenitly change the feeling of the star wars films forever. But do we want that? Personally i would like to see it at least one time simply because it would be fun to see it.
What do you guys think?