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There are so many weird things going on on The Progenitor's market at the moment, I don't know what to make out of this anymore. Not just shady looking things, but also stupid things or things that just make no sense at all.

The worst, of course (but that is not the topic here) are the ridiculously high prices. Just yesterday I saw someone selling one low level purple gem for 400.000 credits. That is, one single gem. Why do people do this? Or why do people put supplements on the GTN for 2.000 credits when it costs 800 at the vendor?

What about those mats sellers who sell 20 times 1000 mats of the same kind at the same time? Can I assume these mats were botted? Or are people dropping off their jawa scrap? How much unused scrap is there in the game by now?

What about those dye sellers who sell 40 times the same dye at the same time for less than half of the current market price? Is this just an aggressive scheme by a new force in town trying to push away competitors? Or are these mats obtained illegally?

Honestly, I don't get it and I don't know what to make out of it. It unfortunately effects my motivation to craft (and play) though. This situation has started earlier this summer. I haven't noticed it before. And I play the GTN game for 5 years or so. There was always competition, but it used to be kind of predictable. I knew the usual peeps and their prefered GTN-style. But nowadays, I am just confused by what is going on. Is there a scheme, is it an exploit, is it just a rookie mistake... etc.
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