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08.30.2017 , 07:02 AM | #293
I played GSF for the first time ever yesterday.

I am between projects at work so I went home early instead of twiddling my thumbs. Being bored, I figured I'd look into GSF since there was a CXP bonus for it and it seems to be on CXP bonus more than anything else.

I did the tutorial which seemed simple enough but in my first 5-8 matches I had something like 200 damage and 10-15 deaths.

It wasn't until I watched the GSF videos on youtube, specifically the GSF School ones, that I actually figured out the basics of tracking my target, using the throttle, shields, and weapons, and figured out how to use the class skills.

By the end of the day, I was performing mid-tier (approximately 15-20k damage) with a somewhat decently geared strike fighter (blindly following the build guides online) and having fun with it.

To answer your questions:

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Hey folks,

Here are some things to consider to get the conversation started:
Is the learning curve too steep to get into?
It is steep. People don't realize this is a game unto itself. I did not. This is MMO PVP meets FPS meets Flight Sim and you can't just hop into something like that and expect to perform well. The resources are there though if you want to get better.

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Is ship balance preventing you from playing?
To be honest, I have no idea. I initially poked around at other ships but figured that if I were going to contribute to my team at all, then I'd have to focus on one specific ship (in this case the Rycer or whatever SF). As a brand new player I have no idea which ship is better and why, other than bombers are hard to bring down even if I get a jump on them and gunships are the FPS snipers and you cant approach them directly.
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Are you not playing because you feel GSF needs something new to bring you back in?
Matchmaking issues?
The fact that GSF is character based and not Legacy?
It would be nice to have legacy based ships but I really don't mind either way. It took me one day of slow queues to get my first ship somewhat decent (I assume) so I think the gear up issue is where it should be.

As far as matchmaking, perhaps if you had a regs and ranked queues, you could allow the veterans better competition amongst each other and noobs time to learn without being one-shotted (population dependent of course (x-server?)). More often than not, I found myself getting annihilated by the same people over and over and over.