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Iokath Recombinator on the fleet vendor, in the middle of T2-T3-T4 vendors.

Purple mats, from crits on running missions from Mission skills (Underworld Trading, Treasure Hunting, Investigation and Diplomacy) and Slicing (slicing part missions, not lockbox ones). Only Rich and Bountiful missions has the possibility of rewarding purple mat and I have never seen more than 2 on Bountiful or 3 on Rich. Having high level companion is very rewarding, since they crit more often.

You can buy, or if you are lucky, get Wealthy mission that will get you purple mats regardless of companion level. They are acquired from running other skill mission, and drop most often (debatable) on Slicing lockbox missions. Grade 10 will drop from nodes on Iokath once in a blue Moon.

Alternative method is exchanging purple srcaps for desired mats with Jawa vendors (on Cartel Bazaar or on guild ship or personal stronghold, if you have the decoration of the same mentioned Jawa vendor). These purple scraps are gained from Conquest if your guild places in Top 10 or randomly from Command Crates.
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