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08.28.2017 , 02:26 PM | #7
My idea wasn't exclusively about GSF, althought it plays the major part of course. Point is - the game like this will succeed most when various systems and gameplay elements are interconnected, there's a constant reward feedback loop and each elements promotes and encourages to try another one.

Strongholds are popular, people want personal Strongholds with Fleet Chat access so why not use the opportunity to also involve GSF in it (cause you know, the FLEET and space and stuff) and promote both things at once.

Influx of 'conquest farmers' doesn't matter. Those are par of the course, what's far more important would be new players coming and participating that wouldn't necessarily try/bother with GSF otherwise. Carrot on a stick is a must in any MMO, otherwise players wouldn't do literally anything other than sitting in hubs and arguing in chats.

Conquests and Galactic Command gave noticeable boost to GSF and everyone noticed it, devs too. So obviously it is possible to increase participation in GSF, just has to be better connected with the rest of the game, including its economy.