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I have my main SW at 27 at the beginning of the vanilla story. However, that has to do with my head-canon backstory for her where she was a former Jedi trainee at the time of the Sacking of Coruscant. She was taken in by the Jedi at 12, spent 5 years training on Coruscant, then was captured by Sith during the fall of the Temple. She then spent 10 years under a Sith mentor before being sent to Korriban (I tend to view it like a previous poster as a sort of final "graduate school" for Sith).

I tend to play my characters as being a bit older than the expected 18-22...but probably because I'm older myself (47). I get a giggle out of people who go "OMG he's so old now!" at Quinn (I think his canon age at Iokath would be mid-40s now?) where I'm like "Nope, perfect age!" ;-)
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