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Do keep in mind that Alexander the Great conquered Greece before his 18th birthday, and Persia before the age of 30.

"Judge me by my [age], do you?"

Indeed. She's older than that even. She absolutely has to be mid 40's minimum, because KOTFE/KOTET happens 21 ATC (after the treaty of Coruscant).
My characters are all young, except my bounty hunter. young being 17-21 , for my own headcanon. Never had a problem with their ages even considering their jobs, well except with the class LI ages, not all are great for that young *cough*Quinn*cough*

Yup, never disagreed with fans trying to narrow down an approximate since Charles' didn't make sense, given the stuff we know about her in-game. Just thought I'd laugh over the fact the creative dev guy couldn't care less but I did find the "omg you don't read your own codex" argument hilariously accurate.