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Interesting comments thank you.

I've always felt my character is older (and wiser) than the timeline might suggest. But looking at the math early 30s looks right but the characters in their 40s feels right. As you guys have said, I suppose it's head canon really so your age can be as you want it to be (to a degree).
Do keep in mind that Alexander the Great conquered Greece before his 18th birthday, and Persia before the age of 30.

"Judge me by my [age], do you?"

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Charles did say that, but IMHO the codex guesstimates made a lot more sense - unless she was a child prodigy, if she was a Sith and working on Hoth 10 years before the SWTOR characters were at Level 1, she would be at least early to mid 30s in SoR and late 30s to mid 40s when KOTFE starts.
Indeed. She's older than that even. She absolutely has to be mid 40's minimum, because KOTFE/KOTET happens 21 ATC (after the treaty of Coruscant).
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