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Yup player character was made to be rather open in terms of age, we'll never get a canon. But companions - most have some approximate or set one.

Yeah and the bioware staff tweet was along the lines of "have her at same age as Theron's and leave it at that" which would have made her be in her mid-30's , but of course it's not as important to the dev team to give Lana a set DOB when they were asked and answered. so people made their own up trying to base off codex data and other info snippets.
Charles did say that, but IMHO the codex guesstimates made a lot more sense - unless she was a child prodigy, if she was a Sith and working on Hoth 10 years before the SWTOR characters were at Level 1, she would be at least early to mid 30s in SoR and late 30s to mid 40s when KOTFE starts.