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My main SW is mid-20s in Korriban. I look on Korriban as the equivalent of graduate school, at least for the Warrior track. The narration says she's been training elsewhere and her rival also mentions being at a different Academy. So early 30s when SoR ends and late 30s when she's pulled out of carbonite. Iokath is supposedly 6 years and 8 months after KOTFE begins Chapter 1 (there's a YouTube video where romanced Quinn actually gives this precise figure) so that's nearly 13 years in total, which means my SW is now hovering close to 40.

I'm fine with this timeline especially since I didn't want her to be lightyears younger than her LI, and Lana's estimated to be mid-40s - there's another post here where someone did the math on that.

My SI, however, is a baby - I have her at 18 when she's sent to Korriban.