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There's no canon age for the player character. But I assumed young for all since most seem to get called kid, child etc on the starter planets at the very least or told they're young. So their age is whatever you choose.

starter planet - SoR was approximately 5 years (mix of in-game timeframe and dev team info)
5 years in carbonite (we know that through dialogue)
Then 6-ish months between KotFE and KotET (dev tweets)

I'd personally guess by Iokath/Umbara approx 1-1/2 years has passed since being rescued from carbonite (to go with 6 years 8 months from Quinn chat). Making it 11-12 years since the starter planets.

my sith warrior started out at 17 years old on Korriban (this is headcanon choice) so she'd be 28/29 during Iokath chronologically going off the estimates (minus 5 years biologically, I'm pretty sure people's bodies don't age when they're in carbonite)