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So I came back to game from a long hiatus and one of the first things I did was tackle building a stronghold (seeing the Manaan stronghold trailer is what made me come back), something I wanted to do way back when they were first implemented. My question is--is there a reason or benefit to making them public? I was tossing it in the ol' Google but not coming up with a definitive answer. Just lots of things about prestige.
There's some stuff about prestige, showing off your handiwork, but there also achievements for when people visit your stronghold while you're there. I was in mine one day just moving stuff in and out of my legacy hold, and suddenly, completely out of nowhere, an achievement popped up because some random person came to visit. (There is also one for havng 10 guests all at the same time. That one's a little harder to get if you don't have a friendly guild handy.)
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